Obstacles Analysis Digitalization of Flight Area With Aerodrome Elevation System Approach

Keywords: Obstacles Analysis Digitalization, Flight Operation Safety Area, Aerodrome Elevation System, Rapid Application Development


One mission of the airlines is to ensure safety and security as a top priority. One area of authority is an area around the airport called the Flight Operations Safety Area (FOSA). Unfortunately, information about the rules and also the mapping of the FOSA area is very minimal. In addition, the lack of public knowledge of the rules and FOSA areas can jeopardize the performance of flight operations at airports. In order to improve safety in this FOSA area, the solution that can be given is by digitizing obstacle analysis in the flight area with the Aerodrome Elevation System approach. The method that will be used in this research is the case study method with the system development model using the Rapid Application Development Model. With the solutions provided, it is expected to improve the level of safety in the FOSA area.


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