Evaluation of a Web-based Medical Record System: A Black Box Testing Approach

  • Muhammad Reksa Ariansyah Informatic Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung (STTB), Bandung, Indonesia
  • Moch Kautsar Ridwan Informatic Engineering, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung (STTB), Bandung, Indonesia
  • Sumardi Informatic Department, Universitas Mulia, Balikpapan, Indonesia
  • Mundzir Information System Department, Universitas Mulia, Balikpapan, Indonesia
Keywords: Web-based medical record system, Healthcare management, Medication data management, administrative functionalities, Healthcare processes


The efficient implementation and evaluation of web-based medical record systems are crucial for enhancing healthcare management and improving patient care. This research focuses on evaluating the functionality and usability of a web-based medical record system through the application of black box testing. The objective is to assess the system's performance and effectiveness in real-world scenarios, including patient registration, login functionality, medication data management, payment processing, doctor and administrative functionalities, and patient diagnosis outcomes. The alpha testing phase involved rigorous black box testing, ensuring that the system operates according to its intended tasks without knowledge of its underlying code. The findings demonstrate the successful completion of essential functionalities, such as robust error handling during login attempts, accurate retrieval and display of patient data, and seamless navigation for administrators, doctors, and patients. The system provides an intuitive user interface, allowing efficient access to comprehensive medical information. The outcomes of this research contribute to advancing web-based medical record systems, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for managing patient records and streamlining healthcare processes. Additionally, the insights gained from the black box testing approach serve as valuable guidance for future system improvements and expansion. The results affirm the system's feasibility and highlight its potential to positively impact healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.


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