Science and Technology (SciTech) Framework is a peer-reviewed journal which is published by

Framework is a medium for delivering the basic concepts of research frameworks that are published regularly through online media. The framework was born because every study must have one basic concept that is the beginning of a solution to a problem. The basic concept can be used as a parameter for further research development.

Researchers can convey their basic concepts to be further developed by other researchers. Articles on the Framework are based on an open framework (open framework) so that it will be easier to cite by other researchers. The framework is very open for researchers from various fields of scientific disciplines.

Describe the basic concepts of your research framework thoroughly by the existing template in the Journal Framework. Turn each of your article's concept content into easy-to-find keywords to increase traffic, citation and research collaboration.

The basic concept of a research framework is important, join us, for better research!

One volume of SciTech Framework consisted of two editions, which are published in August and February each year. Articles are written in English.